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TERENO Scientific Steering Committee


The Scientific Steering Committee consists of representatives from the involved research centres. Its main task is to decide the basic configuration of the observatories, including the selection of the instruments, the networking with external partners, and the integration of the infrastructure in national and international programs as well as the strategic planning future activities in the framework of TERENO.

The members of the TERNEO Scientific Steering Committee are:

  • Harry Vereecken (FZJ)
  • Thomas Pütz (FZJ)
  • Georg Teutsch (UFZ)
  • Peter Dietrich (UFZ)
  • HaPe Schmid (KIT)
  • Harald Kunstmann (KIT)
  • Bruno Merz (GFZ)
  • Eckart Priesack (HMGU)
  • Achim Brauer (GFZ)
  • Irena Hajnsek (DLR)
  • Erik Borg (DLR)

The TERENO Coordination and Scientific Steering Committee at the Kick-off Meeting
September 22, 2008 in Berlin:
From left to right: Thomas Pütz (FZJ), Steffen Zacharias (UFZ), Hans Papen (FZK), Heye Bogena (FZJ), Peter Haschberger (DLR),
Irena Hajnsek (DLR), Eckart Priesack (HMGU), Harry Vereecken (FZJ), Peter Dietrich (UFZ), Hans-Peter Schmid (FZK),
Jean-Charles Munch (HMGU), Oliver Bens (GFZ)

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