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Program and presentations of the TERENO workshop 2012

Session 1: TERENO, angegliederte Projekte

  1. Begrüßung
    Reinhard, F. Hüttl, GFZ
  2. TERENO General overview: Status, Network activities, Accessibility and International Integration
    H. Vereecken, FZJ
  3. International Network Activities: Long-Term Observation System for Carbon Cylcle and Greenhouse Gas Emissions
    HaPe Schmid, KIT
  4. TERENO-MED: Adaption to the Conditions of Water Scarcity
    Elisabeth Krueger, UFZ
  5. TERENO SoilCan: The German Lysimeter Network in Operation
    Thomas Pütz, FZJ
  6. Virtual Institute of Integrated Climate and Landscape Evolution Analyses (ICLEA)
    A. Brauer, GFZ
  7. Trace Gas Exchange in the Earth-Atmosphere System on Multiple Scales (TEAM)
    Torsten Sachs, GFZ
  8. Entwicklung und Validierung eines Systems zur Messung der räumlichen Verteilung atmosphärischer Spurengase
    Mike Schwank, GFZ


Session 2: Koordinations-Teams 

  1. Datenmanagement
    Ralf Kunkel, FZJ, Jens Klump, GFZ
  2. Geoachive
    Gerd Helle, GFZ
  3. Pedosphäre
    Peter Burauel, FZJ
  4. Atmosphäre
    HaPe Schmid, KIT
  5. Hydrosphäre
    Karsten Rinke, UFZ
  6. Biosphäre
    Cornelia Baessler, Mark Frenzel, UFZ
  7. Umwelt-Monitoring
    Irena Hajnsek, DLR
  8. Modellierung
    Olaf Kolditz, UFZ


Session 3: Koordinations-Teams

  1. Concepts and Objectives of Critical Zone Observatories CZO
    Jörg Völkel, TU München
  2. The value of natural archives for understanding past climate change and human impact
    Bas van Geel, University of Amsterdam
  3. Advancing Remote-Sensing Methods for Monitoring Geophysical Parameters
    Christian Mätzler, University of Bern
  4. GPR in Hydrology
    Kurt Roth, Heidelberg University


Session 4: Neue Themen in TERENO

  1. A Quality Assessment Scheme for Long-term Eddy-Covariance Measurements
    Matthias Mauder
  2. Comprehensive monitoring of environmental isotopes across the
    TERENO observatories

    Stephan Weise, UFZ
  3. In-Situ soil moisture and its relation to remotely sensed retrievals
    Heye Bogena, FZJ
  4. Gewässer – bedeutende Elemente der Landschaft Nordost-Deutschlands
    Mark Gessner


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