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Session 2

File CT Datamanagement
Ralf Kunkel, Jürgen Sorg and the Tereno Coordination Team Data Management : Management and publishing of TERENO data from distributed data bases. Jens Klump: Publication of Tereno data using Digital Object Identifiers (DOI)
File CT Geoarchives
Helle, G., A. Brauer, I. Heinrich, K. Kaiser, U. Kienel, T. Böttger, K. Friese, A. Lücke: CT Geoarchives
File CT Pedosphaere
Peter Burauel and colleagues: Erik Borg, Horst Gerke, Sybille Itzerott, Ralf Kiese, Julia Krümmelbein, Jean-Charles Munch, Hans Papen, Eckart Priesack, Thomas Pütz, Thomas Raab, Holger Rupp, Mike Schwank, Jan Schwarzbauer, Jan Siemens, Michael Sommer, Hans-Jörg Vogel, Gerd Welp, Ute Wollschläger, Steffen Zacharias, Theresa Blume
File CT Atmosphere
HaPe Schmid: CT-Atmosphere
File CT Hydrosphere
Karsten Rinke, Steffen Zacharias, Peter Dietrich: Dynamics of dissolved organic carbon (DOC) at the catchment scale.
File CT Environmental Sensing
I. Hajnsek, M. Bachmann, E. Borg, C. Chwala, A. Denk, P. Gege, P. Haschberger, S. Holzwarth, R. Horn, L. Hingerl, S. Itzerott, T. Jagdhuber, W. Junkermann, M. Kohling, H. Kunstmann, A. Lausch, C. Montzka, M. Pause , A. Reigber, M. Schwank: TERENO - CT Environmental Sensing
File CT Modelling
TERENO Workshop: Data and Modeling Platform - Benchmarking Initiatives - Update of UFZ Activities
File CT Biosphere
Mark Frenzel, Cornelia Baessler, Mathias Scholz & Stefan Klotz: Coordination Team (CT) Biosphere
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