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TERENO workshop 2017: program and presentations

Session 1: TERENO and invited Presentations

Prof. Dr. HaPe Schmid, KIT

Report on TERENO status
Prof. Dr. Harry Vereecken, FZJ Jülich

Moses: a modular observation system for dynamic events
Ute Weber (HGF, EuU)

Cosmic Ray
Sascha Oswald (University Potsdam)


Session 2: Invited Presentations

Gas transfer velocities at water and rough-surface interfaces
Gabriel Katul (Duke University)

Quantifying Direct and Indirect Effects of Elevated CO2 on Ecosystem Response
Simone Fatichi (ETH)

WETSCAPES – from understanding to sustainable use of peatlands
Jürgen Kreyling (University Rostock)


Session 3: Invited Presentations

CODE-DE Copernicus Data and Exploitation Platform for Germany
Christoph Reck (DLR)

Analysis of concentration-discharge relationship of rivers in the TERENO observatory "Harz/Central German Lowland"
Andreas Musolff (UFZ)

Tackling measurements of evapotranspiration at the field scale with superconducting gravimeters
Marvin Reich (GFZ)

High ratio of methanogen/methanotroph abundance in rewetted peatlands with high methane emissions Baltic TRANSCOAST Projekt (GFZ)
Viktoria Unger (GFZ)


Session 4: Invited Presentations

Searching for Sinks and Sources in Land-Atmosphere Fluxes of CO2 and H2O
Anne Klosterhalfen (FZJ)

ScaleX: Multidisciplinary intensive campaigns in the TERENO Bavarian Alps/ pre-Alps Observatory
Matthias Zeeman (KIT)

Carbon, nitrogen and water fluxes of grassland soils in the TERENO Bavarian Alps/ pre-Alps Observatory
Benjamin Wolf (KIT)

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